The Wayfinder Importer application is the bridge between your Hotel/Facility/Booking/Room Management Solution and Smartsign Display Manager.


Smartsign Wayfinder is an add-on application that uses Smartsign Display Manager to create bookings for meeting rooms and then show them on displays to guide staff and guests. Limited customization is possible to fit the customers’ requirements


Smartsign Wayfinder is an add-on application to Smartsign Display Manager. To purchase the rights to use it, please contact your reseller or Smartsign Sales department. A valid Support & Upgrades agreement (SMSUP) is also required for continued use.

Server requirements

Smartsign 10 cloud service or Smartsign Server 10.2 or higher

Installing Smartsign Wayfinder Importer

The Wayfinder Importer can can be installed on a computer of your choice, but we recommend installing it on a server so that it's running 24/7.

  1. Create an account for the Wayfinder Importer on your Smartsign Server or Cloud Service. The user should have the Wayfinder user profile.
  2. Install Smartsign Wayfinder Importer to a computer. The computer must be able to access both the source of the bookings (server, file, cloud service depending on data source) and your Smartsign Server/Cloud service.
  3. Fill in the server address and the account details of the account you just created to connect to Smartsign.
  4. It can be a good idea to set the log level to "DEBUG" initially in order to get more detailed logging when you configure the actual import.
  5. Save your settings and allow the service to restart when prompted.
  6. The Wayfinder Importer service should now be connected, and you can proceed with logging on to Smartsign Publisher and creating a data source.