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Getting started

New to Smartsign? Read more about what you need to do to get started with Smartsign for the first time.

1. Claim your licenses
To start using Smartsign, you first need to sign in and claim your licenses by clicking the link in your order email.

2. Install & configure screens
To connect your screens to Smartsign, you need to configure them so they show a registration code.

3. Setup your site & register screens
When your screens show a registration code, you can add them to Smartsign.

4. Publish your first message
When your screens are connected, you can start publishing!


This overview focuses on Smartsign Display Manager cloud services. For local installations of Smartsign Display Manager, please refer to the [Server installation guide](../Server Installation Guide) for information how to install, configure and upgrade Smartsign Server in an on-premise environment.