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Change orientation

  1. Press MENU on the remote control
  2. Select Signage Settings
  3. Select Controls
  4. Select Orientation
  5. Select your desired orientation
  6. Exit the menu using BACK or EXIT

Known limitations

No shortcut for Smartsign Config

Vestel's launcher does not show multiple activities for the same app. If the Player is not configured yet it will open Config automatically. You can access the configuration by launching the Player and then inputting the following combinations.
(APK 10.24+ required)
Using remote: UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT
Using keyboard: 1 2 3 4

Reduced video quality in portrait mode

In portrait, sharp video content, such as text can appear with jagged edges when using the default Android native video player. As a workaround you can switch to the alternative ExoPlayer by changing the player setting Use ExoPlayer on the player in Smartsign Publisher.

What browser does my screen have?

PlatformModelOperating systemWeb engineVersion
MB400VSPN/PR/PF/XD/XNAndroid 9Chromium66