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Panasonic (legacy)

Instruction applies to:

Panasonic OpenPort (Android)

Standby/Power save

For standby/power save to operate correctly it’s important to verify a setting in the screen itself.

  1. Press “Setup” on the remote control
  2. Select “OpenPort Platform Standby”
  3. Set it to “ON”

To access the Android launcher/user interface.

Using the remote control, press INPUT until the input named OpenPort is selected.

Security settings

When not installing from Google Play you may need to adjust security settings to allow installation from other sources.

  1. Open Settings and find the Security settings
  2. Find and enable the setting to allow installing apps from unknown sources


  1. Important! Make sure to set correct date and time in the screen.

  2. Download the Smartsign Android Player

  3. Place the APK file on a USB Flash drive

  4. Plug the USB Flash drive into the screen

  5. Open “APKInstaller” and browse to the connected drive/card

  6. Select the downloaded APK file

  7. Choose to install the application (please see security settings above if it refuses)

  8. Config should now launch automatically

  9. Input your server address (hostname only, for example

  10. Adjust other settings to your liking

  11. Exit

  12. Smartsign Player will launch automatically and connect to the configured server