General notes

Release date: 2021-02-10

This is a cloud only release. If you are preparing to upgrade an on premise installation, make sure to read the release notes for the latest on-premise release.

Features, improvements and notable bug fixes


Improved Webpage wizard
Possible to set own name for webpages
Use full webpage snapshot when cropping

Fix: Add groups to new user not working correctly with auto-added groups
Fix: Base showing of media validity on user's current time zone

Template Creator

Add time zone support to time data source
XML data source bindings can now ignore XML namespaces included in the data


Large file uploads (2GB+)
Azure AD integration now supports mapping groups in Smartsign

Fix: Failure when importing URL media items
Fix: Correct logic for Active Directory recursive groups + big performance boost
Fix: Statistics time zone calculation incorrect
Fix: Sync data sources hit rate limit
Fix: Player and Service versions missing create permission

Media library

Use Webpage wizard when adding/editing webpages



Fix: Custom headers not working without login credentials
Fix: Custom submit button not working with live login


Now possible to target multiple models with the same firmware
Recognize current LG firmware file naming

Snapshot Service

Add support for full page snapshot
Add handling for Airthings login

License Portal

Organization structures