Important and breaking changes

Smartsign 10.7 contained several breaking changes from previous versions. Please make sure to read the release notes for 10.7 as well, if you are upgrading from an older version. Read them carefully to determine if they affect your installation and if action needs to be taken before or after upgrading from a previous version.

License update required (on-premise)

The server's previously downloaded licenses will be invalidated when upgrading from a version lower than 10.8. A license update should be performed after the upgrade to reactivate them.
Also note that the license portal settings have now moved from the core server role to the system settings.

Uninstall any existing Snapshot Service before upgrading (on-premise)

The Smartsign Snapshot Service is now embedded in the server's installer. It will install the latest version for you instead.

Warning! If your server requires a proxy to access the Internet it must be configured manually for the installer to work. The installer will not use the system default setting.
Please contact support for instructions before attempting to install.

Smartsign Share

This is a new paid feature which enables you to share screens remotely. It's provided for free until 2020-12-31.
Users with site admin access will have permission to share screens by default. If you wish to disable the feature or only allow system admins to use it, you should remove the screen share permission from the relevant user profiles.

Template Creator file extension change

Template Creator templates have used the already existing .WGT extension up until now, but in 10.8 this changes to .WGTX. This is to clarify the difference between the two formats and provide improved handling for the newer format. No action is required on your part and existing templates remain unchanged and working as is. The next time an existing template is edited it will be automatically upgraded to .WGTX.

Template Creator compatibility enforcement

Previously Template Creator (TC) templates could run on screens that did not support the format. In some cases, this would work fine and in others not so much. Once a template is converted to .WGTX, the screen’s format support will be enforced. This means that screens that do not support TC templates will not try to play them. Instead they will be provided with a snapshot of the template automatically. This concerns SSSP 1.0-2.0 and LG webOS 1.2-2.0 in particular, but also older versions of Android Player and Windows Player.

Features, improvements and notable bug fixes


New Dashboard
Dashboard: Inbox
Dashboard: Favorite bookings
Dashboard: Player status overview
Dashboard: Product feedback
New URL booking wizard
Multiple user interface improvements
Add warning when trying to delete media used by template
Do not expand folder after drag and drop screen in tree view
Faster loading of thumbnails (new grid component)
Improve statistics export - remove double entries
Improve statistics export; use local time for range filtering
Resizable left column when scheduling
Show X-frame-options warning when booking a webpage

Fix: Adding a folder to a booking will not show Folder Path under settings until reload.
Fix: Advanced view -> Select all should only only select the search results
Fix: Choosing channels in booking gives error message
Fix: Console error for download status
Fix: Copy existing trigger casts error
Fix: Incorrect thumbnails for portrait screens
Fix: Missing null check for showadvancedbookingeffectsettings
Fix: Moving file to site root gives error 403 after
Fix: My Devices, tree view, preview button not working
Fix: Norwegian in publisher shows AM/PM
Fix: Saving layout does not turn off the popup warning: Do you want to leave without saving?
Fix: Screen detail view loads all player thumbnails full size
Fix: When you delete a user, the action bar does not switch back no user selected
Fix: Screen tree view sorting inconsistent

Template Creator

Add support for custom headers on XML/JSON data sources
Add support for unofficial Facebook pages
Add video support
Possible to quick edit data source URL for templates

Fix: Changing text size doesn´t update textbox
Fix: Replacing images in TC not working
Fix: Handle empty responses from social api


Smartsign Share - share screens to remote workers
Sync channels between sites, including content
Offline licensing now possible
Add authentication to html5player/preview
Add group permission to screen layouts
New Server Dependency Installer
Include smartsign-configure-https.ps1 in server
Move license settings to system settings (previously found in server core role)

Fix: Cleanup media cannot run, slow/timeout
Fix: Delete media in use -> will delete thumbnail even if delete fails
Fix: Feeds should respect validity when generating rss
Fix: Get screens slow in calendar view
Fix: License update fails with too many licenses
Fix: Media used by feed is deleted
Fix: Offline-emails not sent if multiple recipients
Fix: PlayerActiveHours now also accepts '.' as time separator
Fix: Remote upgrade of services broken
Fix: Server sets all services to "offline" at startup
Fix: Synced channel does not work when booked on a screen
Fix: Remove FinishMediaConversion from SignalR
Fix: Remove FinishServerTask from SignalR
Fix: Remove RequestWork from SignalR
Fix: Remove old Twitter integration -> redirect to new microservice
Fix: YouTube playback broken due to script changes by Google


Smartsign Snapshot Service is now embedded in server installation

Snapshot: Support custom headers for snapshot URLs
Snapshot: Improved login auto detection

Fix: Snapshot: Office mode fails completely if login steps timeout
Fix: Snapshot fails on password only login page
Fix: Snapshot: incorrect paths on Unix systems
Fix: Snapshot: preserve cache
Fix: SnapshotServiceBridge exception on empty password


Add max media limit for players

Fix: Geo IP check should use same protocol as player
Fix: Image refresh fails to switch to correct protocol
Fix: Media download can be flagged as media refresh incorrectly

Windows Player

Add support for Live login (automated)
Possible to open live URLs in separate browser window
Embedded browser updated to Chromium 79
Embed NodeJS

Samsung SSSP

Add support for SSSP 7.0
Add support for SH37F stretch (SSSP 3.0)

Fix: Tizen model id fallback to 2016 breaks forward compatibility


Add support for webOS Signage 4.1
Improved stream format detection
Disable 4 hour power off timer automatically


Add Multi-video support
Possible to open live URLs in separate browser window
Add Philips 10BDL4151T
Add Philips 75BDL4150D


Add configurable mapping for Spectra XML

Fix: M365/Exchange: Import fails if description is too long