Important and breaking changes

Smartsign 10.7 contains several breaking changes from previous version. Please read carefully to determine if they affect your installation and if action needs to be taken before or after upgrading from a previous version.

New License portal

This change should be transparent for existing servers, but it’s important to check that you have valid credentials configured for the server’s connection to the license portal. The server will still be able to receive licenses, but if the credentials are incorrect or missing you will not be able to create new sites. (

Player Offline Email

The configuration method for player offline notifications have changed. If you had notifications configured before the upgrade, you must reconfigure it afterwards in order to continue receiving emails. Please refer to the admin guide for instructions.

Statistics / Proof of play

Many improvements have been done to statistics in 10.7. Making it easier to configure is one of them. Any existing players already using statistics will have the new configuration method applied automatically however you may need to adjust player profiles to make sure future players receive the correct settings. Statistics are no longer a loadable module, it’s built-in and enabled by a setting.

SMSUP Licensing enforcement

Version 10 has not yet enforced the SMSUP licensing terms like previous versions, however 10.7 will do so. If you do not have valid SMSUP or if they are not assigned, parts of the UI that require valid SMSUP will be locked down. Functions that require valid SMSUP are data sources, such as Smartsign Sync, Active Directory integration, remote upgrade of players, Wayfinder (previously Conference Guide), Smartsign API and Template Creator.
As always, to have the right to upgrade, you are required to have valid SMSUP agreement for each screen license. Smartsign’s cloud service always includes SMSUP.

Features, improvements and notable bug fixes

License portal

Brand new licensing portal with enhanced looks and much better license management


New improved status for screen and player
More detailed download status for screens
Show if media is invalid in playlist and media library
Show Server version to users in Publisher
Automatic license update when registering screens
Improved register screen wizard
Recurring frequency "Yearly" removed
Add new reports function
Improved data validation for booking frequencies (frontend)
Move "Direct media list" to booking list for media detail
Removed top bar from login page
Changed "Loading Smartsign" to "Loading"
Fix: SMSUP licensing not enforced
Fix: Create new screen layout theme visible without permission
Fix: Publisher performs logout regardless of yes or no answer
Fix: Copy of synced profile should be disconnected from sync
Fix: Delete button shows on folder without folder delete permission
Fix: Grid/list loses selection on update
Fix: Preview time incorrect during screen preview
Fix: Preview with older time shows incorrect present time (player time is correct)
Fix: Preview playlist missing items in actual playlist
Fix: Editing a full screen template => will no longer be full screen
Fix: Not possible to login with http after logout with https
Fix: Media library – possible to delete media from folder with read access only
Fix: Only one monthly frequency should be allowed at a time
Fix: Monthly frequency not parsed correctly when opening booking, every always 0
Fix: Day in month not parsed correctly when opening booking, month always blank
Fix: Copy user/player profile should open the copy after, not the source
Fix: Bookings are corrupt after changing screen layout to one using a different layer, it should be possible to open and rebook them to the new layer


Layer scaling terms renamed
Crop (Cover) => Fill
Fill => Stretch


Add webhook API for triggers
Triggers can now play once and then reset
Added setting to toggle on keypress for trigger

Template Creator

Add support for Interbook Go booking system (Cloud Microservice) (Beta)
Add support for TrafikLab (Swedish Traffic Information) (Cloud Microservice) (Beta)
Add support for Instagram (Cloud Microservice) (Beta)
Add description to template data sources
Added "Last update time" as databinding for data sources
Add setting to strip html and just show raw text from RSS
Add Latvian, Estonian and Lithuanian languages to datetime locale
Add OTF support for custom fonts
Fix: Jsonpath value should print empty string if not found, not “false”
Fix: xPath - now possible to resolve XML namespaces
Fix: xml-image support missing
Fix: json-image and xml-image only works together with text-field
Fix: Twitter Tweet Date
Fix: Twitter Embedded URL QR Code
Fix: Multiselect Safari on mac
Fix: % not working in TC
Fix: Should try to fix corrupt RSS to avoid issues
Fix: RSS should not get stuck with corrupt RSS
Fix: Thumbnails sometimes taken too quickly so they show loading icon
Fix: Facebook message date not working
Fix: "Likes" databinding incorrect
Fix: Deselect databinding => still locked for edit text
Fix: Possible to databind image to rectangle, but no function


Major update to statistics/proof of play, no longer a plugin module
Log events to database now default true for new servers
Events added for site license update and screen disable due to no license
Add password complexity enforcement
Improved data validation for booking frequencies (backend)
Fix: Multi upload deadlock issues
Fix: Installers don't remember the previously used path
Fix: SiteAdmin cannot delete users
Fix: Statistics export fails with error
Fix: Statistics missing for converted versions of media
Fix: Image larger than layer and screen is resized to wrong proportions when using fill
Fix: Changed username to allow 128 chars
Fix: Media library permission checks are incorrect
Fix: Server cannot register properly to license portal
Fix: Issue with UTF-8 character encoding on Web player


Fix: ADLogin fails with exception if any ad group is missing from AD
Fix: ADLogin Add more safety checks + lock and recreate user in new site now works
Fix: Import AD-groups visible with no AD configured


Fix: Sync does not remove media deleted on disk if used in bookings
Fix: Create desktop.ini fails with exception


Player offline email alerts reworked


WeatherAPI (cloud): Apixu replaced with WeatherStack
Snapshot: Fix: Not able to login on page without IDs and no form
Snapshot: Fix: Cannot login using Azure Ad SSO


Add generic arrow key navigation (tested on PC and Android)
URL snapshot update now replaces image in player offline cache (except for Android)
Add player capabilities framework
Statistics integrated, no longer a module
Fix: support statistics for looping media
Fix: Location is not saved to player if GeoData update is disabled

Windows Player

Brand new Smartsign Windows Player (10.7)
   Full 64 bit
   Chromium Embedded, version 69
   Fully integrated video handling + VLC as option

Samsung SSSP

Add support for local widgets
Fix: Tizen - wrong position of video which does not fit the width of the video layer
Fix: Tizen - Add missing hideOSD and syncPlaylist to player profile


Fix: Android does not unpack widgets after activating offline widgets
Fix: Android YouTube autoplay and loop changes added


Add support for local widgets
Add network connection metadata