General notes

Release dates:
2021-11-22 (cloud)
2021-12-20 (on-premise)

Important and breaking changes

The server now requires .NET version 4.8 or higher. If install/upgrade is required, please do so before upgrading the server.

If you are upgrading from a version older than 10.8, make sure to read the release notes for all point releases in between, in particular 10.7 and 10.8. Read them carefully to determine if they affect your installation and if action needs to be taken before or after upgrading.

Features, improvements and notable bug fixes


Add multi-service routing capability to snapshot service bridge

Fix: Several small license update issues, both in and online/offline mode
Fix: Cookie- and request-header strings incorrectly encoded for service bridge
Fix: Add share plugin to https enable script
Fix: Schedule by email should only add attached images, not inline
Fix: Templates with 0 duration should not be included in playlist
Fix: Increase timeout for statistic report


Now possible to hide inactive licenses (default)
Show booking creator etc in bookings summary view
Screen report: Improved formatting and add player userdata

Fix: Folders created by non admin users don't inherit permissions
Fix: Share screen expiry should be disabled for new share
Fix: Service upgrade version check incorrect
Fix: Possible to create bookings ending before they start
Fix: Delay/error when saving feed posts

Template Creator

Improved update logic for Traffic API data source

Fix: Custom request headers not applied when fetching test data


Improved player startup sequence for increased reliability

Fix: Shared screen virtual player leaking metadata to actual player
Fix: Trigger toggle setting not working
Fix: Don't use timezone offset if UseServerTime is disabled


Add support for webOS 6.0 for Signage
Replace deprecated power schedule APIs

Fix: Identify webOS 4.1 correctly


Allow user installed certificates on device 
Force correct DPI, Density and WebView Scale
Improved permission handling

Fix: Autostart not working on Android 10 (overlay permission required)
Fix: No shortcut visible on Android TV
Fix: Ignore SSL not working
Fix: Download success for failed download
Fix: File system root detection fail

Snapshot Service

Chromium updated to version 93

Fix: Incorrect UserAgent on requests