Important and breaking changes

Smartsign 10.20.10 contains no breaking changes itself, but if you are upgrading from a version older than 10.8, make sure to read the release notes for all point releases in between, in particular 10.7 and 10.8. Read them carefully to determine if they affect your installation and if action needs to be taken before or after upgrading.

Features, improvements and notable bug fixes


Brand new login page
Add permission for system settings
Added "last changed" field in booking list and wizard last page

Fix: Add permissions for "self" on new resources when creating as Publisher
Fix: Centering of templates in thumbnails
Fix: Edit button not visible on tagfilter bookings
Fix: Incorrect naming when copying media without extension
Fix: Layers with RSS profile not identified correctly in playlist
Fix: Media linked to template not included in playlist
Fix: Media validity not shown correctly in playlist
Fix: Non color values in screen layout theme should not have # added to them
Fix: Preview in webpage wizard not working on URL:s created previously
Fix: Preview sometimes not working
Fix: Publisher not able to list bookings on channels in Quick Publish view
Fix: RSS widgets (wgt) should not be converted to templates (wgtx)
Fix: Time settings should follow language setting when changing
Fix: Use correct protocol for thumbnails
Fix: User who created media in temp should be allowed to edit it without explicit permission
Fix: Visible child media when copying media item with child media
Fix: YouTube identified correctly in URL wizard
Fix: YouTube live URL:s get 0 duration

Template Creator

Add "last updated" to RSS data source

Fix: Avoid "Warning: Local widgets.." showing when loading
Fix: Make RSS max age use full days and count them correctly
Fix: Only use ok responses (200-299)
Fix: Remove change of protocol for direct requests
Fix: Show template with error message if data source fails to fetch data
Fix: TC fails to update used media on save
Fix: Traffic data stops updating
Fix: Unused fonts not removed from templates


Azure Active Directory (AAD) integration
New authentication engine
Add checksum to uploaded media

Fix: Internal sync breaks on duplicate filenames
Fix: Linked media in imported templates not linked correctly
Fix: Media filename should match name in json when doing scmf export
Fix: Media stuck with status converting
Fix: Not possible to delete user with favorite bookings
Fix: Too short timeout on snapshots
Fix: Trigger folder update when media duration changes
Fix: Wgtx thumbnail creation fails


Fix: Avoid flickering when player is resuming
Fix: Check and load modules when player comes online
Fix: Templates (wgtx) not visible in download status
Fix: Wgtx folders not cleaned up correctly

Windows Player

Allow parameters on streams in VLC

Fix: Autostart not working after reboot
Fix: Guardian kills player while in config mode
Fix: VLC stability improvements


New Microsoft 365 data source using OAuth and Graph API