General notes

This is a cloud only release. If you are preparing to upgrade an on premise installation, make sure to read the release notes for the latest on-premise release.

Important and breaking changes

Case-insensitive usernames

Starting now, usernames are no longer case sensitive. This applies to both new and existing users.

Features, improvements and notable bug fixes


Support for animated GIF in playlist
Add empty state for screen view
New color picker
Change user time- and date format independent from language
Fix: Screens scrollbar stuck in Quick Publish mode
Fix: Buttons not visible on last feed entry in list
Fix: Don't allow saving screen layout with empty name
Fix: Replace file dialog should not allow multi-select
Fix: Add RSS to playlist only works if layer default profile is RSS
Fix: Add RSS based on layer default widget results in widget to wgtx conversion

Template Creator

Support for animated GIF
Trigger after count-down
Mute control for video
Add LinkedIn data source (beta)
JSON and XML data sources can now make direct requests


Usernames are now case-insensitive
Fix: Not possible to revert assumed identity in Chrome/Safari
Fix: Image media items stuck in wrong status (Converting)


Add html video playback engine (beta)


Add global input listener