The Instagram datasource lets you show your Instagram content on screens. Currently the Instagram data source will only work on the cloud service.


Smartsign Cloud Service
A business Facebook/Instagram account

Please note

Instagram is shutting down access to private Instagram Accounts and migrating their platform onto the Facebook Platform (because Facebook owns Instagram).
It's a Facebook requirement to have an Instagram Business account which is linked to a Facebook Page to be able to access the data from integrations.


  1. Start with one of our prepared templates for Instagram
  2. Click the Datasource tab (click on the grey area outside the template if it's not visible)
  3. Instagram is already selected, just click Connect with Facebook
  4. Authenticate and select which connected Instagram accounts you want to use with the integration, approve the permissions
  5. When the connection is completed, select the Instagram Business Account to use in the template
  6. Save the template
  7. The template is now ready for use and can be published to your screens.





Connect with Facebook

Connect to Facebook and authorize access to your data

Data Update Time

Time in seconds between updates


Time for each post

Time in seconds to show each post


Number of posts

The maximum number of posts to display


Enable emojiEnable to show emojis in messagesTrue
Enable video

Enable to allow video (muted only)
Posts containing video will have their duration adjusted to to match the length of the video.
Requires that the screen supports html video streaming. Performance and stability is dependent on manufacturer implementation.

Caution! Videos are streamed directly to screen. This can require a lot of network bandwidth and may incur additional costs on metered connections.