General notes

Release date: 2021-03-12

This is a cloud only release. If you are preparing to upgrade an on premise installation, make sure to read the release notes for the latest on-premise release.

Features, improvements and notable bug fixes


Fix: Preview fails when user's time is too far behind server (time zone)
Fix: Fix update admin profile with missing permissions
Fix: Login fails if password contains '+'

Template Creator

Add transport type filtering to Swedish Traffic Information (Trafiklab) data source
Add minimum time until departure threshold to Swedish Traffic Information (Trafiklab) data source


Add Schedule by Email data source (M365/Exchange Online)
Auto-disable player logging to server after two weeks
All assemblies are now .NET 4.6.1

Fix: Sync should not upload .msi files (player upgrades)
Fix: Sync fails to upload files with national characters in name


Fix: Players receive incorrect UTC time if not using server time