General notes

Release dates:
2021-04-21 (cloud)
2021-05-05 (on-premise)

Important and breaking changes

The logic controlling the default size for URL snapshots has been changed to prioritize quality instead of trying to match the exact layer size. This can affect existing URL snapshot bookings which may need to be adjusted to set a specific size (ie matching the layer's size) instead of the new default which is 1920x1080.

The server now requires .NET version 4.7 or higher. If install/upgrade is required, please do so before upgrading the server.

If you are upgrading from a version older than 10.8, make sure to read the release notes for all point releases in between, in particular 10.7 and 10.8. Read them carefully to determine if they affect your installation and if action needs to be taken before or after upgrading.

Features, improvements and notable bug fixes


Smartsign Share improved:
    Share screen expiry date
    Share screen password
    Share screen playback navigation
    Shared screens overview
    Free use extended, please request demo license
License model extended with site features

Fix: Optimize site creation
Fix: Delete screen should not delete license when using offline licensing
Fix: Database upgrade 123 can fail during upgrade
Fix: Change default snapshot size logic, prioritize quality over layer fit


Improved group select (users)
Revised German translations
Hide empty help texts
User setting added to disable license warning
Fix: Copy URL broken
Fix: Preview unlocks templates
Fix: Cyrillic characters not working in feeds

Template Creator

Add Yesplan datasource (beta, licensed feature)


Add cookie support in Snapshot/WinPlayer


Add exception handling for video stream playback


Add support for Philips BDL3550Q and BDL4550D
Add Led-bar support for Qbic TD1060Slim


Fix: Rewrite handling for video stream playback